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Hermit crabs must find new homes each year. When they grow too large, they leave their old shell behind and move into a bigger shell.

Spiders build their own shelters. They spin webs to help them capture food.

How do you know that this squirrel is going to build a nest?

Chipmunks and rabbits build their own nests, too.

A nest is a place for a chipmunk to store food for the winter.

These baby rabbits were born in a nest of dry grass lined with fur.

This man is looking at a termite’s nest.

Some termites build mounds on the ground. Some termites build nests in the trees.
This nest was built in a tree.

These children are looking at a chimpanzee’s nest in a science museum.

Chimpanzees build new nests out of soft, leafy twigs and branches every night so that they can be safe and comfortable when they sleep.
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