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You need to buy 12 gallons of gas to fill up the car. You always buy the lowest grade of gas. How much more money will you spend if you buy your gas at the more expensive station?

Matthew is trying to keep cool by playing in a fountain. The temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. What is the temperature in Fahrenheit?
(Remember: Double the Celsius temperature, subtract 10% of that number, and add 32.)

It is time for breakfast and you are very hungry. One serving of Honey Nut Cheerios (3/4 cup) is 110 calories. One serving of Wheaties (1 cup) is 110 calories. If you eat one cup of each cereal, how many calories will you consume?

The batter for the Yankees has 108 hits out of 379 times at bat. What is his batting average?
He also got 21 walks this past year. What is his on-base percentage?
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