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K-2 project:

Red, White and Blue: To introduce English Language Arts units from Open Court (K-Red, White and Blue, 2-Our Country and Its People) or K-1 H/SS standards about patriotism and symbols of the United States. The teacher would type the following keywords in the Search field of the database, download appropriate images resulting from the hits, and import images into a PowerPoint presentation. The teacher would then add short captions using the vocabulary words and concepts that align to the adopted text curriculum or grade level content standards. Teachers could then introduce concepts and vocabulary using the PowerPoint, stopping to discuss images and vocabulary with students. In addition, teachers could narrate the presentation and have it available to students in work centers where students could play the presentation and listen to the narration using headphones as an independent activity.

4th of July or July 4th
Statue of Liberty
Bald Eagle

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