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6th-8th project:

Timeline: This project aligns to H/SS standards for middle school for a class in United States History. Students can search the database to find images corresponding to key events in the history of the United States. The teacher can divide the task into blocks of time, assigning groups of students different periods of time. Once completed, the class will have an illustrated timeline of the key events in U. S. History. The timeline could also be published using software programs such as Inspiration or PowerPoint.

Andrew Johnson
Chicago fire
Jane Addams
George Ferris
Wright … 1903 (when)
Earthquake … San Francisco (where)
Model T
JP Morgan
Chronology of Highlights in United States History From 1865-1917
A Time of Disaster, Wealth, Poverty, Invention and Ideals
Andrew Johnson becomes the 17th president of the United States after Abraham Lincoln is assassinated

Chicago, Illinois is devastated by the Great Fire, in which 250 people are killed

Jane Addams opened Hull House in Chicago to help the poor

George Ferris's huge wheel is the key attraction at the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago

Orville and Wilbur Wright make the first successful flight of an airplane at Kitty Hawk, NC
Much of San Francisco, California is destroyed by an earthquake and fire that kills over 700

Henry Ford introduces the Model T, which becomes the first mass-produced, affordable car in the world

Early 1900s:
John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and others take financial risks, make investments, start businesses and build financial empires

The United States declares war on Germany and enters World War I

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